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Krishna Public School

The school is named "Krishna Public School" as it attempts to convey the great message of "Action is the duty, but reward is not the concern."

Krishna Public School is a public school which exists for the education to all.

The school has its own building & features which proves out to be a school in the true sense of the term.

It has teachers, who identify themselves with the students not only in the mass level but also at the personal & individual level.

The School fosters a fitting response of life also.


       K - knowledge
       R - Radiant
       I - Identification
       S - Satisfaction
       H - Honesty
       N - Nobility
       A - Achievement

       KRISHNA - A lord with thousand Arms & Universal being.

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is right and justified but in view of supreme power it must be meticulous. Vashudev the embodiment of existence knowledge and bliss lives wholly beyond illusion and consists of three virtues compassion faith and pridelessness.

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